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Greetings to all, no doubt everyone will end up sick of me, mainly for dumb questions :priest:

To start with, I drive a 1993 Fairmont (ED) inline 6.

Now to the mods, (and I'll include part numbers where I have them)

Crow EA-ED Wild Performance Cam (222825)
EA-EF Vernier adjustable timing set (CS6EA-VS)
Falcon XR6 valve springs (7739-6)
2 1/2 inch Pacemaker extractors, 2 1/2 inch high flow redback cat & mufflers (PH4499, STR110, 2T3870TP)
now, supplied and fitted by Herrod Automotive -
Oil pressure switch,
Water Pump,
Distributor MPEFI (F005D00002)
Coil (9220061710)
new sump gasket set,
6 Cyl head Gasket kit (EA6584BK1T)
New timing case,
New oil pump,
NGK plugs (BRE527Y-11)
Crankshaft bearings,
Con rod bearings,
ported & polished Cyl Head,
VRS gasket set,
Unichip computer,
Fuel pump,
new 91LE auto & torque convertor.
Then there's the less important bits - Stereo

Alpine CDM7856R Deck
Orion 4 channel amps (been expecting these to blow, but they just keep going! love em)
Rockford Fosgate 1000w 12 inch subs
Rockford 5" splits front and rear + tweeters

Next big thing will probably be T66 (or thereabouts) turbo upgrade.
Been working towards it for years, never quite seem to have the dollars at the right time. Ahh well, I'll get there :yummy:

One other thing - forgot the power reading - 189rwkw on Herrods dyno.
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