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June 2019 already? As I suspected in April, life did get in the way of being active more often here. When I had my family of cars & road tripped yearly (2002-2011), I visited over 35 groups & message boards regularly; I cut back a few years ago & now visit irregularly because life has sure changed over the years.

I am (thus far) still alive, tho. I have been out of work since last August & job hunting is difficult; I even started my own business. But, a new bright spot is returning to the airwaves!

Official announcement of my re-booted radio show:
[includes genre details & links to check out]

2019 CD SHOWCASE website page:
2019 "CD Showcase" | OLD CARS, STRONG HEARTS
[features playlists & links (related Facebook group & FB event; radio station website & FB page; how to listen when show airs & online-via podcast)]

If you enjoy the show, let me know & give some feedback direct to the radio station; thank you.

Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, Old Cars, Strong Hearts
2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba
"It was like a lighted match had been tossed into my soul" | Trisha Yearwood | 'The Song Remembers When'
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