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Hey all. I know we get a few of you rolling through here from OTHER like forums. I invite you to stay here and make this YOUR FORUMS! Be a part of the WHOLE FORD FAMILY! We have a TON of folks on this site as a whole.
I invite you to come and post to this forums in your a Linc owner. I would hope you see this section as a clean slate that you could take advantage of and mold it to your own forums. I would be more then glad to reset this area to how you want it.
I see this forum sorta like a new home. Everyone is comfy and likes the other folks that live around you, but yet there is a nice new home down the block that is virtully never used. I would love to move into that home and say I was there when it became happening, that I made it happening! Well This forum is that home waiting for you to make it home!
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