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1982 ZK fairlane for sale,

302 Cleveland with Low Km since rebuild, stage 2 cam.
C4 auto, 2.77 LSD.

Brown in colour, drivers door has been sanded back a bit in the middle (as it is/was a project car and was considering painting it, but lack of funds prevent) body is very straigt and only has one dent in sill panel directly behind drivers front wheel.. and is also very rust free

interior in VGC
front windows have been converted to electric.
have many spares to go with it,
spare headlights/grille
power sunroof in another ZK i have will go with it
2 1/2 inch lowerd pedders springs to go all round with rear shocks (pedders sports, the red ones)
set of 12 slotters, or 15" hotwires will come on it.
spare front bumper/ guards, if wanted.
will post pictures by or on next weekend.

any other questions feel free to email me/PM or just post here :)

Price $2k ono

located narromine, NSW


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also note that all chrome trims are in the boot only ones i didnt keep are the side mouldings as i wasnt going to have any after a respray.
open to all offers

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will swap for registered 4 or 6cyl car with 6months rego or more, and adujust $$ to suit, if the car is any good i will do a clean swap.

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ok after some engine problems in my current car, open to all offers of engine parts 351C, if you have any complete black block 351's with a bit of work done?
interested in the usual things like
steel crank, rods etc, even stroker crank?
Cam, lifters
flat top pistons
aftermarket intake?
set of ported heads? with stainless valves and hardened seats
anything along those lines would be nice

EL Thermo fans (high on the list)

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ok it really really has to go, i am moving interstate in a few weeks, and if it doesnt sell its probably just going to sit there for years, so $1k ono as i noticed that it may need new headgaskets, as it has been sitting for quite some time...
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